Six of us piled in a car drove to the beach at 9PM. The most peaceful place to be. We’d walk we’d run we’d splash we’d climb the rocks we’d talk No judgement.


Monsters under my bed Can’t hang my hand over the side something may grab it. Can’t sleep too close to the bed edge something may touch me. I should know better dust bunnies are all that is under my bed.


Today we can be happy We can have fun We can enjoy time because you are always asking When?

Hour 24 Five Final Thoughts

Stardust brought you into my life on a warm September day. Hope was the future I’d see and speak to you again. Cheese was Italian food, I tasted, bought, and loved because of you. Shoes walked me and put me inside my car to drive…

HOPE /prompt 24/8am

Hope is that which gives us strength To make it through the hardest days Never lose it, lest we refrain From putting forth maximum gain In every day there’s got to be A place of faith and H-O-P-E ~Rebeli

to stardust you shall return

Stardust is what we are made of and we shall return to that I will not be tied to the earth The wind will pick me up Throw me out into the stratosphere and I will slip between the spaces in our magnetic shield to…

Cowboy Feng’s Spacebar and Grill

Perfect matzo ball soup Is one thing you will find here Musicians who have played together For many years Their homes are long gone Lost two hundred years ago Kept safe in the walls Of the restaurant they run Many don’t stray far Or you…

Perfect/ prompt 23/ 7 am

In as much as we would like Nothing is perfect in any light Only God can boast of this And even then He doesn’t do it We try our best to live our lives But we forget our life is His life It is His…

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