Mosquito v. food

The mosquito went on trial,
Accused of being a pest
And a nuisance
And a vagrant
Preying on human blood.
The plaintiff made opening arguments:
“Your honour,” they opened,
“The defendant has taken numerous blood samples from my client without their consent.
What’s more, the purpose and value of their existence is questionable.
It is only right, your honour, that they pay in equal measure
For the quantity consumed.”

The judge considered these arguments.
“And now, the defense will present its counter-arguments.”
And the mosquito, being a mosquito, said nothing.
And, being a mosquito, did not know it had to bring representation.
It was not even sure where it was.
“Very well, then,” the judge said,  glaring judgmentally at the defendant.
The plaintiff crossed the floor,
And squashed the mosquito flat as a pancake.
“Court dismissed.”

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