Let’s start with the organs and tissue and bone for once,
Instead of mountainous breasts and slender legs.
If we really really looked into the eyes,
Rather than just noting the shocking blue
That makes her so pretty,
We’d see so much more.
Look into them and see her suffering,
Because if you understand her suffering you understand her.

His muscles are bulging beneath his tank top,
But what if you saw the actual bicep underneath.
Then you could see the real struggle,
The pounds of pain he lifts up and away,
The pain that keeps coming back.
Maybe that’s why he is so huge.

Feel the heart, transporting blood,
Instead of thinking you know the heart,
Based on a few misspoken words.
Words are hard, cut them some slack.

Bones are strength.
Bent over a walker, she is not weak.
Her bones have been through more than you could fathom,
Her back just needs a permanent rest,
From every thing she’s supported all her years.

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