Poem #6

Are you my guardian angel?
‘Cause I think you’re missing your wings.
I was told you guys have them.
But, I guess I’m not an expert.

You are always there,
Helping, and watching over me,
But not in the creepy Edward and Bella way.

You’re there to hear my ramblings,
About the random tangents my brain goes off on,
My rants,
My odd view of the world,
And the evil schemes of the inanimate objects around us.

When I need a hug,
You’re there to endure it, even when I squeeze too hard, ordon’t want to let go,
And you squeeze back.

You sit with me when I need to cry,
But always know the right time to crack a joke and make me laugh,
Because sometimes,
I just need help with my comic relief.

So, even though you don’t have wings,
Thanks for being my earthly angel <3

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