New World Order

The world was quiet on the 15th of April, 2017.
Everything worked the way it always had, and everybody went about their usual business.
But just as 8:35 p.m. came around, something decided that it wanted to watch the world burn.
All creatures and organics that had once been living, decided to all come back at once.
The predicted zombie events happened, with coroner’s, morticians, and gravediggers fleeing their posts immediately as corpses begin to walk and talk again.
But a few unexpected things occurred concurrently.
Everything was greater mass than a fistful of wood decided to sprout leaves,
And everything of the meat variety reverted to their living forms,
Bursting from fridges and meat lockers,
Joining the purses, jackets and shoes that also came alive.
Safe to say April 16th established a new world order, when nothing stayed dead for very long.
I’ll let you guess what happened next.

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