Penny’s Rant

” okay, so everyone else is busy with their own stuff right now, because of… Well everything, and I’m stuck having no one else to talk to.
So if you don’t mind not flying away and pretending to listen, I would really appreciate it.”
The baby Raven cocked its head to the side for a moment, as if considering.
Then with a single little hop,
Landed on pennies leg and sat there, with Wings relaxed and curled around her feet, and her eyes focused up on her face.
” all right then, you seem comfortable, so I’ll start.
I thought I was a completely normal girl before all of this.
Now, I’ve got a sister who’s an elf,
Group of crazy assassin’s won’t stop showing up everywhere and trying to kill me,
And apparently my dad is also somehow evil and involved in the plan to destroy all the elves other than us.
I mean, how am I supposed to react all of this?
I’m supposed to be worrying about my first boyfriend in grades, not all of this!
How am I supposed to do anything about this either?
Everybody else apparently grew up with crazy awesome fighting training, except for I guess Jesse…
But I only know how to run away from fights, and some basic first aid.”
She sighed, dropping her head into her hands,
She stared at the baby Raven, who’d now stood up again.
It reached up and very lightly pressed it speak to pennies chin, like a little kiss of encouragement.
With one finger, Penny pet the top of the tiny bird’s head.
“Thanks for listening. It really helped.”

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