Marine Marriage

First Poem for the Hour One

it’s about love.
you know how it is like
summer honeymoon as we looked forward
wanting archaeological digs and adventures
recalls the Pacific invites
diving into the magnificent marine
rings of wonders
swishing interviews with seaturtles
and colorful fishes
and the once in a blue moon
marriage with corals
i chose closed circuit rebreather
set my pink snorkels
mask on
talking to a friend 13 years ago
and now my would be lifetime partner
left our diving scenes deep, deep, down
the Tubbataha in Palawan
gift sets of rhythmic kisses in Boracay
now making marks to join the marine entourage
and call for more witnesses
at the Torres Strait
as broad as our ageless love
the pandora of fire
blessed by the marine ecology
set beyond the depths
of Great Barrier Reef

(photo credit to Great Barrier Reef images)


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