A Modest Proposal

Marry me for my bad jokes.
The ones that our dad would probably make.
And that sometimes you know… you find them funny.
Or make them to yourself.

Marry me for the way we watch sad movies together.
As I cringe and cry with you since it was…. Blackfish .
And I didn’t know it was going to be that depressing.
Or was going to make me sob.

Marry me for the way we love creativity.
Every word that you write makes me want to too.
And maybe we can become ghost writers.
Or come up with witty pen names.

Marry me for the cheesy messages I text you.
The ones I hide for you or blatantly post on facebook.
And there will never be a shortage.
Or more truth to what I really mean.

Marry me for the fact we get “bingo’d” together.
Then we can go off laugh at our obvious secret.
And then come up with names for a Frenchie.
Or a Husky since both are quite cute.

Marry me for the fact that we have this crazy thing.
Where we know what the other is thinking.
And when things get hard we want to suffer together.
Or maybe this isn’t crazy at all.

Marry me for the truth is I love you.

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