A Man’s Worth

What is the worth of a man,

and how does one reckon his value?

There was a time when the gods would judge.

Heimdale would give report,

Odin would see.

Thor fought beside, weighing valor.


But the gods are dead.

All wisdom is gone from the world.

In their great grief, they rent their worlds asunder.

Asgard is no more.

Ragnarok tore their lives away.

Yet, not in vain were the deeds of the gods.

Though they perished,

Midgard was saved.

Their pain bought us life.

Their blood spared us their fate.


What is the value of a man,

and how does one reckon his worth?


Measure him against the gods.

Though he fall short,

there is no greater prize

than to die as they did,

a willing sacrifice.

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