The Hammer calls to me.

It sings my name and great deeds to come.

The one who wields might Mjöllnir will shake the world.


Enemies will fall.

Allies will rise.

All that was once wrong will be made right.


A king will rise.

A tyrant will fall.


All I need do, is test my worth,

lift the Hammer,

let my reign begin.


These are the whispers of mighty Mjöllnir,

as it calls from its resting place in secret.

The power of a god,

the wisdom of the ages,

a trap to cleave the soul.


Were I whole, perhaps I could try,

but this man is flawed,

he cannot be free.

Only the worthy may wield the power.

Alas, none are so.


Yet, the song sings on.

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