Dear Frost

Dear Mr. Frost,

As a person who shares the same first name I must admit,

It never felt good sharing that name with so many who have come before me who actually made a difference to people.

It never felt like sunshine and flowers feeling like I had no sense of purpose.

But, I really have to hand it to you.

Once I realized that the path of least resistance could also be the road less traveled, that has already made all the difference.

I learned that when there is no path laid out for you, the possibilities are limitless.

I learned that least resistance could also be a clean slate.

Like living with my past didn’t mean I was sentenced to be incarcerated in it.

Robert, I want you to know now, I am no longer shameful of my name.

I want you to know that the clean slate has helped me carve a path for those like me to follow

Or to use as a baseline for others to create their own road.

My slate which was at first blank, is filled with examples of how the focus of will and energy help to see your happy ending even through the thickets.

Be not afraid of the impending storm,

Fear not the pain that is to come,

The light at the end of the tunnel is not as far as you see it.

It is just your mind focussing on what really matters.


Two roads diverged and I chose to take the road less traveled and I have made all the difference.

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