Dear Younger You, From Older Us

If I were to tell you that everything would be okay, you would call me a dead dog liar.

If I were to explain to you that you would be married before you were 35 and cooking at a hotel for people large and small, you’d most likely say I was telling stories.

But hear us out, believe us when we say it won’t rain forever.

And believe me, being a chef in the kitchen during summertime, you’ll wish for rain.

Believe us when we say, you’ll kiss a girl and she’ll actually want to kiss you again.

You won’t have children, but you will realize, offspring don’t ┬ánecessarily make a family.

You will learn the hard way, that the world owes you nothing.

If you want something, you can’t pussyfoot around and expect it to fall in your lap.

You have to take it, but without being a bully.

But not to worry.

Don’t overthink it.

You will be just fine.

We promise.




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