They Call Me Po

Coworkers, relatives, perfect strangers; they say I remind them of Po, the Kung fu panda.

If it were because I was asian then I probably would think that these people were just a hair on the racist side.

Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the reason most people relate me to the dragon warrior.

Most have their own image of the famed bear and for some reason I fit most people’s archetypes.

Here are the top reasons I’ve heard.

I fit the bill because I’m a bit goofy and more than a little clumsy but can spring out with grace.

Others because I’m cute and cuddly like Po and the asian part seals the deal.

And still others think it’s because I try and fail so many times but seem to come through in the clinch.

I think it’s because even in the most imperfect forms, heroes can emerge from the darkness to bless us with light.


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