She bounces around like a Tigger,

full of energy

and fun doggy vigor.

Her eyes shine with smart laughter

and sweet loving trust

as she brings her favorite toys out to play.

She will do most anything for a treat

or bite of food,

and there are many tricks

in her repertoire;

all she needs is the word,

command her attention,

and she’ll always be your best friend.

Her long fur can be a nuisance

(we can almost make another dog

from what she sheds),

but it’s part of what makes her

the beautiful Aussie that she is;

she’s black and white,

with brown mixed in –

the perfect blending of

a triple threat of colors.

She’s a little wary of people,

but a fierce protector

who barks when she’s bothered,

and knows when she needs to guard.

We couldn’t have chosen

a better furry and loyal companion

to watch over our precious daughter.

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