Hour 9: Liquorice pipe

rubbery, greenish, blackish

mouth watered

long and sleek of two inches upwards

the long worthy trek to find you, buy you and chew on you

how rewarding for a barefoot rickety girl

thorns left no mark in the mind yet on the little feet

tuck shop owner grinning at sight of his loyal rope customer

in an ensuing silent exchange of coins and rope

each turns their back

satisfied by their priced possession

in that instant – yummy rope dumped in a pocket away from approaching playmates

this was a secret possession

so loved it was for one mouth

enjoyed in a lonely corner behind mulberry trees

Tomorrow the same trip, an amazing event to look forward to.



One thought on “Hour 9: Liquorice pipe

  1. At first I thought it was about monsters ( The first two lines, lol I started envisioning something from “Supernatural”.) I got a sense of foreboding and then upon completion and re-reading, I think I got the gist.

    Who doesn’t love candy?

    Beautifully woven lil story.

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