I know you might be reading this from a different time zone

You’re probably in a place right now you usually would call home

With thoughts maybe hovering over your head seemingly piloted by a drone

Now you’re confused and withdrawn

How is It done?

That in a world with over a billion people how do we get to feeling all alone?

Come rain come shine. Through thick and the thin they promised to be there for you

But it seems, they are left in their numbers with the winds blown.


The burden has become too heavy to bear

Deep inside you’re beginning to feel it…they call it fear

A fear of the very future you once expected

But now you can’t tell what it’ll bring, so prophecies you’ve rejected.

Take this letter I’m writing as something of an investment

From a different time zone in your peace of mind I am interested

I’m sending stars out every night just look up and count them

Then List your blessings alongside you’ll see plans perfected.

You should wake up calling yourself bless-ed.

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