A little eye rubished

“What do you bet?” said my consciesness to me,

like I don’t get the idea of what to do on spare time,

remembering the clay before melted, when it was a bunny,

swan, bat, fox or any other cliché animal portrayed in beauty.

Smokes and haze from times that were eaten by forgetful regrets

are just lurking out from sound of the cartilage within

ages are used as stain and drain out like chalk scraps floating.

Therefore a moment is used to catch all that without a photograph

“Why you’re so sensitive? Could you be much more of a robot?”

replied the man from the past without knowing he’ll kill my core

as I dried something from a human echoes said in the back “Keep it still”,

opening his disregard upon me something seal it,

the eyes wide unlocked and extent by it sight are now lagoons,

don’t worry, behind the lacrimal courtains there is a life

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