Hour Nine – Baked Beans


Baked Beans


Dad’s recipe:

2 cans of B&M Baked Beans.

Add – some combination of

brown sugar, molasses, and

mustard powder.


Dig out the special crockery

only used for this purpose.

Nothing fancy. It was a round

casserole dish with a lid.

Brown colored, with a faded

yellow stripe.


The important thing was

to get the beans baking in the oven

on low heat, before the

afternoon sun penetrated our kitchen

on those hot, August days.


On occasion, I’ve attempted a

vegetarian version of

Dad’s specialty.  Sadly, I

don’t have anyone around

to ask for a taste test opinion.


My surviving brothers aren’t

nearby. The grandchildren

never tasted Dad’s cooking.

Mom’s gone now, too.


Perhaps I’ll search for my own

homely, baked bean pot – and start

a new tradition!

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