Prompt Three

Prompt three:


alike and unlike –
the cabin in disrepair

paint stripped, doors
and windows unclosed

so anyone can walk in
especially the air

that rips through
in frigid blasts

abandoned and unabandoned –
like the house that sits

empty, but for the frost that
hangs like bits

of christmas lights
and the brush that hides

the fenceline with candid strokes
the striking contrast

beautiful –

2 thoughts on “Prompt Three

  1. Hi Christy: How’s it going. I feel as if the past three hours was a minute! Your images startle and excite your lines. Thank you. Frost that hangs like bits of Christmas lights and brush that hides the fenceline with candid strokes. YES!

  2. Thank you, Richard!
    I agree that the moments are flying by and I feel as though I may have finally hit my stride. Sadly, I haven’t found time to read your work yet, but as soon as I get ahead in one ‘hour’ of work, I will jump in! I heard a tone and realized it was your message – thanks for the encouragement- onward we go!

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