Ain’t Easy…

Props to the Mother that does what she needs to survive

Foodstamp hustle try in’ to keep it real

Bill collectors calling. Getting down to the rhythm of being down,

be cool there too…why trip

Put your pride aside

who wants some funk?

tell me what you like….you like it?

got no mo’ time is your M-O

you ain’t been loved like you should

feel good…you like it?

I know a place

don’t worry, no crooked, lying faces

Help me Lord!

Help me now, I cry Mercy!

Doesn’t take much to smile with glee

the best, you get

of My love

Turn around and find the meaning of fate

What is real?

Fucked fate

Nasty dogs working the streets

You got the stank to hold the captain at

mutiny on a mofo



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