Rumberos Baile….

So beautiful art thou an I,

nothing. Shadow,shadow,

shadow, against light. I will not

steal the light of one so beautiful

land can’t because the rays blind

me and I am blinded by love and

none is returned or ever will be. I so

believe in the light and bathe

in the light and create my own light

to share with others. Glowing. I

shudder by his spell. For just one

look then I am reborn and all will be

well with my soul. To touch beauty

is what has moved my darkness to

light I am baptized in joy with just one

touch to dance with the devil and

dive into rapture he is what I need.

Say yes to me beloved and I am

in your arms tonight. Deeply, hotly,

pure bliss at last as lights dim. I

am yours to dine to taste you are my

encore and the taste that fills me. I

seek no other. Let the light inside

consume this lust and the fire

burn this ever ending desire just

for you, my beloved…..

Tonight l dance into a frenzy. My

body will be covered in sweet

sweet sweat and drops will roll here and

drops will pool there. I made a promise

and will keep but the rhythm calls me

louder and I obey  My spirit will be

cleansed. I will be native. Wild. Free.

So, L transcend to another realm using

my body to call in the rescuers and do

the bidding of its mistress. Obey, obey,

and the music takes me to another planet

I allow spirit and other worlds,to meet as one.

Mystery,oh the beauty, the nectar,

the Dance eternal.

Foever protected and bond to each other

for all time and I to mind

That’s a dance…







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