Give Me

I like dirt gritty and uneven beneath

my hands; knees wearing

the shapes of ancient rock beds

the risks of forest floors

with their hidden sharpnesses.


Give me the grasp you don’t

know is too tight; hips forward

head back in deepest roar –

your strength the tie that binds us.


I want the aching dust to burst;

bead into our sweat, smashing

like atoms where we clash.


A cave, an open dirty expanse,

desert flat, untamed garden;

a hot sun scalding me

where your shadow does not fall.


Mouths open to dropped water

from the sky, catching the calm

to renew the rough;

beasts beside a moody sea.


I know myself best as the animal

slurping brute power and the

rush of pleasure’s brand of nothing;


let my softness make you stronger

and take me down into the blackness

we all came from.

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