Never Again

Never again I quietly weep

As I wake up from drunken sleep

And get struck full force in the face

With the free gift in every beer case

Never again I softly cry

As I lie there and wait to die

With head splitting and stomach churning

A brutal lesson in need of learning

Never again I weakly moan

As I lie soaked in vomit I hopes my own

My mouth feel like I’ve been chewing metal

With whisky man should never meddle

Never again I wearily groan

As I stumble reaching for my phone

To silence that fucking alarm

As its ringtone does infernal harm

Never again I solemnly swear

As I am staggering down the stairs

And puke while heading for the cars

My mouth tastes like a badgers arse

Never again I promise myself

This can’t be good for my long term health

Though I sure by noon as I start to munch

I know I’ll have a pint for lunch.

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