The day finally was here!

I’m flying to London, then Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam

and then back to Paris.

We were on TWA 747 and my dad upgraded

us to First Class!  Yahoo!

So we had soft blankets, and real pillows.

We were lavished with champagne and caviar,

linen napkins, a real menu.

I chose prime ribs that were served

with au jus sauce and baby carrots.

Then, for dessert:  gigantic ice cream sundaes!

It was too good to be true.

But not long after our meal was complete

and in between the beginning of Titanic,

we hit turbulence.  Thunder, lightning!

We bounced up and down like bobbing heads

on car dashboards.

People began to scream and cry.

I was laughing because that’s how always deal

with fear and especially terror.

And then the captain came on the loud speaker

and said, “Sorry for that, it’s over for now.  Sit back and enjoy

your flight.”

And before Titanic sunk, we landed in London.

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