We cover our mouths
gasping for air
snorffling through our fingers

Whatever it was
one of us said
that was so funny
doesn’t matter now

L contorted so hard she farted
A spewed the Sprite she has sipped out through her nose
I heaved so hard to breathe my vision went splotchy

I don’t remember how we composed ourselves
to finish our dinners
pay the check
each head our separate ways
carrying some gem to rediscover
for decades to come

[Prompt 11: Write a poem about laughter without ever using the words, laugh, laughter, or giggle.]

One thought on “Echoes

  1. Great poem! May I suggest to anonymize the third stanza to make it more relatable: “I contorted so hard I farted/you spewed the soda you sipped out through your nose/they heaved so hard they couldn’t breathe” Food for thought.

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