The Gardener

He stands on the porch
surveying the landscape

Years of churning soil
planting watering fertilizing

They say women turn to gardening
in the years after childbearing

But in this household
the role reversed

My husband the laborer
giving birth, nurturing, coddling

Until now each plant can stand
on its own, propagate families

The universe did not provide
grandchildren in our lives

Instead, we sit out each night
look out over the blooming expanse

Take compliments from strangers
passing by enjoying the beauty

My husband guffaws as I beam
“It’s all his doing.”

The proud PawPaw
His family fills the yard

man standing on a porch

[Prompt 7: Look on your phone and find the 10th non-selfie picture and use that as your prompt.]

One thought on “The Gardener

  1. What a beautiful poem – it’s very clear that you admire and care for your husband’s work and your celebration of his constant application lies in every line. Life may not have given you grandchildren, but there is flourishing love and attention here. Gorgeous.

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