Three Timed Stanzas

I. 60 Seconds
The neighbor’s circular saw
fills the humid summer afternoon
with the incessant sound
of buzzing

II. 90 Seconds
When we were children
we would put our swimsuits on
under our shorts and t-shirts
put a beach towel in a bag
ride our bikes the mile
through city streets
to the beach on the bay
lay slathered in baby oil
fell asleep in the sun
swam to cool our burning skin
rode home again when the
shadows told us
it was time for supper

III. 120 Seconds
We rode our bikes
to the candy store
bought penny candies
by the handful
carefully counted out
how many blackjacks and mary janes
and butterscotch disks
we could afford
while the old man watched
from behind the counter
never once smiling
never once telling us thanks
for our business
as if having penny candies was
somehow beneath him
yet it was his shop
his orders every month
that kept us coming back
again and again and again
to count our pennies
in the candy aisle.

[Prompt 6]

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