What’s Your Major?

What’s your major?
English?! What the heck can you do with that? Teach?!

I never really understood this obsession
with having to choose some approved “profession”
and as professions go, what was wrong with teaching?

I’m going to be a teacher.
College. English. But more than that.

Like so much in life, I was drawn
to the most abused and suffering.

For thirty years, I asked my developmental learners
What’s your major?

I’m going to be a teacher
some would respond
and I would offer a wisened nod.

But what’s your backup plan
Just in case?

[Prompt 7: Gigan]

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Major?

  1. Well done. You gave due credit to the career choice in the earlier verses, and yet the twist still made sense in the current reality. I was especially impressed to see that this was your Gigan poem, because it just flowed naturally, not forced at all.

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