He was the most gentle of souls —
playing his violin for the kittens at the shelter
so they would not be lonely.

On that night, he was just walking home,
carrying an iced tea for his brother
and, yes, he was singing and dancing
in his own special way.

For this, the police were called.
For this, the police put him in a chokehold.
For this, the paramedics injected him with a sedative.
For this, Elijah was killed.

I was just going home
I’m just different
I’m an introvert
That’s all

Today we are all Elijah.
We are all different.
We are all gentle souls.
In this time, right now,
that is an enormous thing.

6 thoughts on “Elijah

  1. I love your last name, Diane. Carmony rhymes with
    harmony, which you have a great sense of what this country’s leadership is remiss in restoring. The “gentle souls” willing to recognize that we all lose our breaths and die at the thought that this could have been us! Thank you for “Standing Up” – I hear you breathing!
    Seventh Solstise

  2. Such a loss! I had heard these facts on the news.
    Reading your poetic summary, helps to keep the outrageous loss in my psyche without giving up sanity.

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