Subbing in America through Haiku: Hour 10

resource room students

can’t sit still but know every

word to Disney songs

A country man goes to town and sees a car hit a raven. Recognizing the bird as his neighbor he gently picks him up from the street and carries him home where he lays him in the yard. The partner bird spots him and shrills until all the birds within hearing distance joins in a funerary ritual.

in a large corner

is a wall of baby gates

building a safe place for him

They make a cacophonous and deafening noise from the trees then they fly en masse and surround the bird on the ground, gently prodding it.

autistic students

attention to everything

unable to stop

The next day the surviving partner carries a smooth round pebble in its beak and deposits it on the man’s doorstep.

when the last bell rings

teachers can barely keep up

the other safe place





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