Subbing in America through Haiku: Hour 3

Colorful fliers greet them upon entry. Promises of utdoor games, slip ‘n slide, snow cones, a semi-scary movie, and prizes for best costumes. Sister Sledge on the intercom. We are family. I’ve got all my sisters with me. We bebop to the music. She balances neon-colored cupcakes and his bouncing topples his black hat. The procession halts so he can reattach the white skull sticker that she had taped on just moments before. Fake hook in the air, he hops up to tap the glass box that hangs next to his classroom for good luck, he says. She hurriedly places the bakery treats on the table already overloaded with individually wrapped Twinkies, single servings of party mix, bags of tiny pretzels, caramel apples crammed into cellophane wrappers and tied with raffia bows, personalized brown lunch sacks filled with popcorn and boxes of fruit punch juice pouches. She tries to catch his eye before dashing out, but he’s greeting his friends: Ahoy, matey! The first bell catches her in the doorway.We are family. Get up everybody and sing. Living life is fun and we’ve just begun to get our share of this world’s delights.

this be for monsters

he said with a one-eyed grin

glass still unbroken



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