Endow Mercy on Me, My Benign Soul


Endow mercy on me, my benign Soul!

Knowest thou that I am thine,

I have naught but human words

To shape and accomplish our dreams.


Pay heed upon me, my benign Soul.

I have and will abscond my entire life,

Adhering to your preachings,

Just ponder the torment I endure,

Spending a life without you, my Soul.


Endow mercy on me, my benign Soul!

You have bestowed and laden me with thy love, my Sweets.


You have blessed me fortune beyond my grasp.

You have revealed me what beauty of life is.

Your ecstasy and delight is everlasting,

And my body suffers in anticipation.

This my benign Soul is utterly perplexing.


You are highly rich in wisdom, and

This body of mine is poor in compromising.

Oh! My benign Soul, thy Sweets

is suffering coz of our distance apart.


In the tranquillity of deep, darkened night you pay

homage and engulf in the sweetness of each other.


Thus, lying arm in arm in peace,

Endow mercy on me, my Soul!

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