God- The Garden of My Life

God is the warden

Of my little rose garden.


Behind every land

God has a hand.


God has a reason

For change in the season.


God makes it plain

That He controls the rain.


God with His paws

Made Nature’s law.


Use God’s gift

To give you a lift.


God gave us muscles

For all life’s tussles.


Only God can tell

If we have lived our life well.


We all need a nod

From the hand of the God.


Small price to pay

To thank God every day.


Even in never-never land

God plays His hand.


God, we must thank

When all the pages are blank.


Thank God for food

That can improve your mood.


God’s grace has no hitch

It will make you rich.


God’s every creature

Has a redeeming feature.


People must be taught

That God must be sought.


We all need a nod

From the hands of the God.


God will bless

When needs are less.


Feel like a Lord

When you are one with God.


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