Mama’s Proud Possession

I am my mom’s possession,

the very dear valuable asset

as she proclaims.


She’s such a darling and

loves me to the moon and back.


She wishes to eulogise the world,

but keeps her pack of aspiration to herself,

thinking her dearie bundle of joy, her only child,

her apple of eye, her right direction,

will fall prey in the eyes of the materialistic world.


Yes! It’s me, who’s my mama’s proud possession.

With her optimistic approach, she always inspires

me to stay upright.


Every day with her positive vibes,

though from a distant town,

she nurtures in me the value of self- help and maturity.


Her straight forward tutelage,

allows me the spirit to do what I feel the most;

as I am my mama’s proud possession.



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