Hour 24 : Fear

Words seem empty

And they can betray

Pushing things to the edge

Knowing my faults

The horror sinks in

You would no longer be near

Filled up with remorse

If it’s worth, I am sorry

Turning in to a monster

You know very well

Our love is on the line

I want you beside me

I wish I can say that

The hurt I have caused you

And the pain I have put you through

A fear which grows inside me

Of losing you forever

I still make mistakes and mess up

But the only mistake I will regret

Is the one, one where I lose you

So here I come to you in shambles

Hope you see, that I want you forever

That I love you

I hold on to these strings of words.

Hour 23 : Veronica Decides to Die


Not succeeding in a suicide attempt

The girl finds herself in an asylum

With her heart damaged

Unsure of a life


She waits for death to come

As she sees life with a different perspective

Admires the beauty of nature from her window

The grey Ljubljana mornings


She endures the changes within

Nearing her extinction

Unaware of her gut feelings

Her survival instincts holding up


She has a lovely life

Family, friends at the beck of her call

Lacking a direction in life

She seems so lost


She thinks only about life

As if life is unfair

Trying to find her niche

Deciding of the dark thought


As the story unfolds

She is hopeful of much more from life

Strives to listen to her own emotions

Bringing alive the urge to survive

Hour 22 : Thinking of You

Such tenderness in your touch

As a dove can have

Sheltering under her warm wings


Tenderness came to you with time

Love is all everyone needs

Feeling less all alone


Tenderness in the melancholy

Knowing once you cared

We built memories together


Tenderness in those moments

Do you recall the intimacy?

Or it has become all a past?


Tenderness in the passionate warmth

When we entwined

Those feelings don’t wash away


Tenderness in those memories

Which I will preserve

As proof that you did once care.

Hour 21 : Cookie

I know not how to bake a cookie

Scared of the crumbs that fall off

They taste so sweet and precious

A mix of chocolate almonds and raisins

Crunch is the sound it makes

Hot chocolate oozing

I am not perfect and so aren’t you

Cracked and broken like me.

Hour 20 : The Watchtower

Soaked by the morning sun

The dark haze of ice

Sat at the watchtower

Not moving my eyes


A maze of days gone by

Not able to place time

Sunk in yesterday’s love

People talking in rhyme


The shadows making portraits

Like an artist’s stoke

Lost hues striking hard

Believe me it’s no joke


Like an eye of the pirate

Many times, many ways

Delirium working full time

The hidden side of my phase


‘Wher’ to go first?

Planning my first move

A need to set myself free

Get into the right groove


Sat at the watchtower

Thinking about life

As I lay my head down

Comes along in the time of strife.

Hour 19 : The City Hum

Moments of trials no one expected

As the buzzing city finally slept

Turning days gloomy and unreal

Nights into a dark tomb inadept


Fearing the air what it could hold

Unaware of the days and time passing by

Hope, it is stuck in the past

Bearing each moment with a weeping eye


Peeping through the window to a new world

Standing through losses and pain

Masked faces difficult to perceive

Keeping a distance, no one can complain


Streets walked down have become unknown

Dreams are the only places we know

Bereaved off our years and months

Nature has put on its own show


Moments flying by, as we stand still

Sun rises and sets across the horizon

Hoping the uncertain storm to subside

Calling out to freedom in anticipation of living

Hour 18 : Solitude

I enjoy the solitude

Leaving me for a small talk

Creating a solemn mix

It sinks in slowly

As I dance in its arms

Circling round and round

I like it’s company

My soul sings and soars

My mind still on those joyous moments

Clinging on to hope

Cherishing memories

I love the solitude

Which gives me love, joy and happiness

For real it seems

It makes me feel whole.

Hour 17 : Apologies?

Between the heartache and pain

Losing himself to the core

He will never be the same

Plagued by insanity

Drowning in deceit

Tortured by reality

His innocence doesn’t show up

A pure heart, not he is

Breaking into pieces

Which has died inside

Little bit, one by one

Until he’ll have none

No one steps closer

For the monster he has become

No one has apologized

For what they made him

Should he apologize for what he has become?


Hour 16 : Horizon

Watching the sky transform overhead

Orange lilac hues as the sun sets

Flourishing more than ever

Clouds shedding it’s white skin


Watching in awe as it changed colour

Boasting an undulating opalescence

Of Pink like soft candyfloss

Compelling to reach up


Watching my teeth sinking into it

Letting the rain fall

On to my lips it seeps into my skin

Tracing the clouds


Watching the horizon

Where the fiery hues of orange burnt bright

An irresistable irridescene

Filled the belly with an inferno


Watching the kaliedescope creation

The stars blossoming through

The pallette of scattered clouds

This masterpiece, the same time tomorrow

Hour 15 : Dried Flowers

Forgetting the memories

As the love fades

If ‘ther’ is life, ‘ther’ is death

We have lived in between

Flowers grow and wither away

As the season change

Hope I could say do not let me go

I will live with whatever I have of those moments

It will not happen in a day

It may be in months or years or a lifetime

It will take time; I believe seasons will change

Flowers will grow again from the seeds that withered

In time they will blossom again

I did not tell you the name of the flower

Which I chose to keep with me

A promise that you made

While you gifted me those tiny blooms

I will never forget; love will fade away

Little by little, I’ll cling on to the hope

As I preserve them in the form of dried flowers


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