A trial run

I plan to cut and paste my work from word documents, and I want to see how that might go, make sure I know what I’m doing. So here is a test run with a poem I wrote this weekend. As a bit of introduction, I took my parents to visit the Holocaust Museum this past week, and out of that this poem arose.


Aktion T4


In October of 1939

Hitler instructed doctors and hospitals

to murder

the mentally challenged

the physically handicapped

those incurably sick

all those considered lebensunwertes Leben – “unworthy of life”

At first, they were just to be denied medical care and nourishment

to die slowly of neglect

Later, patients were injected, or gassed

to make the process quicker

By the end of 1941

93,521 hospital beds had been emptied by the policy


There were several suggested reasons for the program:

It reduced suffering, therefore it was compassionate

It cut costs

It eliminated pressure on the welfare budget

– Hitler was making Germany great again


Dear Mr. Trump –

Your health care bill is so slow

killing the undesirables by denial of medical care

And, besides, some weak or low energy people

might slip through

A program like this bigly guy’s (he was huge, let me tell you!)

would be much more cost effective

Think of the savings!

And how compassionate

when these people, uncomfortable to look at

are finally gone from your sight?

I suggest you call your program

Action Trump4


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