Hour 10 – Talk, or Not?

Talk, or Not?

And wouldn’t it be quiet then?
if talking were not required
I think I should like to sit
ever silent
lose the constraints of society
my need to keep up my end of the conversation – gone
mouth shut, but not firmly
all ears, ready to hear the other person
my opinions, my thoughts, of little relevance
teeth to the wind
north-ward, into Freedom’s Land
and then
south again
Yes, now I see
if I remain silent
I give up my power
ever to be ruled by those with a voice
lose my self-sufficiency,
my self-governance
Mouth, open now!
Oh, let my words tumble out
if nonsensical, so be it
I will make myself heard
won’t I? I
have to decide
to which path will I travel?
Talk or not?

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