Hour 12: Astonishing Animals

Astonishing Animals

Astonishing animals all around
Breathtaking baby birds bewail
Curious chimps chatter and chase
Distant deer dash indiscriminately
Electrifying eels elongate edgewise
Fabulous flamingos flit fretfully
Glorious gorillas galumph gaily
Heartwarming hamsters hide hereabouts
Impressive ibises intone intensely
Junior jaguars jump jauntily
Kindly kakapo kiss kinder
Lovable lemurs leap lazily
Magical moose make music
Nervous nightingales neaten nests
Overwhelmed ostriches orbit in ovals
Peculiar penguins peck peevishly
Quaint quail quack and quake
Rare reindeer race rainbows
Startling starfish see sunshine
Thrilling toucans touch toes
Unprecedented urchins undulate underwater
Voltaic vipers visit volcanoes
Wicked wasps watch through windows
Extraordinary Xenopoecilus excel in exams
Young yaks yell yearlong
Zealous zebu zip zestfully
Astonishing animals all around

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