Hour 15: The Fairies’ Origin Story

The Fairies’ Origin Story

God created Lucifer to be an angel bright
To stand at his right hand and serve him day and night
But Lucifer sought power; glory, worship, fame
To be a god himself was this fiend’s only aim
He gathered angels to himself to worship him alone
And, for a time, it worked; seeds of dissent were sown
But God called on Michael, Archangel of renown
To battle Lucifer and bring the scoundrel down
They fought for seven days and seven undying nights
But Michael, he was able to put things all to rights
He dragged Lucifer to the gates and threw him out the door
And Lucifer was never seen in heaven anymore
But Michael, he neglected to shut and bolt the gate
By the time he noticed his mistake, for some it was too late
For the angels turned by Lucifer, began to follow him
Angels by the thousands, even tiny cherubim
Tumbled through the pearly gates, to earth were falling fast
Michael had to shut the gates before all were lost at last
And when the big gates clanged the echoes did resound
All angels falling were halted midflight on their way down
They could not return to heaven, for God they had rejected
Had followed evil Lucifer and heaven had defected
So each stayed where each had ended up on his descent to hell
In the sky or on the earth, or under it to dwell
Those beneath the surface became the goblins and trolls
And elves and gnomes and brownies were in forests and on knolls
Dryads were the ones in trees, Naiads in the pools
Mermaids were beneath the waves, in oceans dark and cool
And in the air, both here and there, flitted spirits bright
The nixies and the pixies, the fairies in their flight
Thus the world was filled with the entire wee folk kingdom
And now you know, my darling child, from whence the fairies come

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