Hour 17 (2022)- Rainy Surprise

Stormy clouds fill the sky
I look and run for cover
Rain begins to fall
And I wait….
I wait….
And wait some more.

After the deluge is done
I retreat from my shelter
I glance at the skies
And I stare….
I gasp…..
Then I run.

A rainbow fills the sky
The end is quite near
I make my way towards it
I walk faster….
And faster….
As fast as I can.

In the distance I spy
A shine of brilliant gold
I peer even closer
And take a step….
A step nearer….
And another step.

As I creep closer
I see a flash of green
With a startled breath
I tilt my head….
I widen my eyes….
I shout “A-ha!”

A leprechaun stands before me
His hands holding the pot of gold.
Before I could run to grab him.

He is gone, only an echo of his laughter remains.

One thought on “Hour 17 (2022)- Rainy Surprise

  1. I love how you set up the whole atmosphere, the use of imagery is amazing- because apart from visualizing the scene- I could actually hear the music- you know that suspense one? I like that you wrote about Leprechaun and the ending especially- alluding to how elusive they are (that’s what I think though, sorry if I interpreted wrong). All in all, a good read. Well done! ^^

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