Don’t Twist Snap

Fail more fail better

Bend it till it breaks

Ancient Irish wisdom
Fail like you’ll die as soon as soon as you win
Your gottdamn life’s at stake
Too bad about the girls though,
Sex is too expensive
and comfort sits out until it gets cold
That’s why god invented whiskey
It never gets old
Fail so spectacularly
That half the people at your funeral fucking hated you
And the other half thought you were a hoot
if anyone remembers to show up at all


2 thoughts on “Don’t Twist Snap

  1. That’s why God invented whiskey. EXCELLENT!
    The final line reminds me of a narcissistic boyfriend who used to tell me I had tons of friends who would come to my funeral…and no one would come to his. (Yeah…he had issues.) Anyway, the last three lines hold good emotional “bulk.” I like ’em!

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