Hour 12. Captain’s Log (A sonnet)


Leafing through the pages of the Captain’s log

of meandering voyages through sea and sand

in the dusk’s fading hours relaxing inland

looking for glimmering light through dense fog.


Assessing the gains and losses of time,

skirmishes won and tough battles lost,

straggling at last through the winning post,

realized in the end that life was a mime.


Agonies endless had been many a score,

ecstasies have been not less but more.

Countless have I shed bushels of tears,

have been haunted by numerous endless fears.

Yet , happily do I set down this song

counting seconds ticking till the final GONG !

5 thoughts on “Hour 12. Captain’s Log (A sonnet)

  1. It’s wonderful how you have imagined life like an endless voyage, with its ebbs and lows, it has such a lyrical flow, till the final gong( which really did ring in my ear! Like the final summit or the shore of this long journey☺️)

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