Daddy Franco

Let’s get this out of the way, before we begin

so there will be absolutely, positively no doubt.

I no more want to be associated with having Daddy issues

than the source of this poem wants to be known as Daddy Franco, King of the Zoomesphere

and by no means does this poem belittle him by saying “and yet we are here.

He is Daddy Franco

a title that has been earned, justly so.

He is the master globe trotter,

taking the world by poem, one haiku at a time.

I wish I could write a haiku.

But I have not mastered the telling of a story in such short order

And though it undoubtedly would honor-

I am not not sure a haiku would fit…

The General’s ranking.

It contains way to little syllables to reference the inspiration

that strikes forth whenever he opens his mouth.

It does not expand far enough to truly note the lands

in which he is known.

He is friend and not foe.

Though, if poetry were war-

with his words, the General would lead.

And behind him, I would gladly go.

But poetry is not destined to harm or cut off the heads of one’s enemy;

and so I use my pen, which is mightier than the sword

to capture the attention of all who are human

and present this award-

for truly it is more blessed to give flowers to the living

while they are still able to know and understand that they are important and loved

than it is to write one’s eulogy-

Bryan, Generalissimo Franco you are a light in the poetryverse

and it is a privilege to Knight you the Haiku Emperor.

Arise this day and know forever more that you are deserving of each and every accolade.

Even the ones that seem to say Special K’s got daddy issues.

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