Great Re-Set?


I mean, seriously…

LOL cubed and cubed again.

That was “Stoop Id” to quote a fellow poet,
assuming it was really him…
not the FBI who took my statement
so many years ago about the Nazi
who called everyone “stoop”
for dropping a potato chip.

He was part of that “Great Re-Set”
fourth Reich, enslave humanity
(especially children for the pedos)
boys’ club…
drifted to hell a few years back.

By “boys” I do mean children
in adult male bodies,
as in “boys will be boys…”,
except real boys – little boys –
are born with compassion.

Great Re-Set my ass!
Boys, we don’t need it.
Really, we don’t.

Yes, I know you think you’re big now.
You believe you’ve grown up.
But, to the rest of us, you’re…
gosh, how do I say it…
spoiled brats, maybe?

That’s a close approximation.

Little boys in big clothes
throwing tantrums –
scripted tantrums –
read out loud by other
“trusted voices”.

We don’t trust them anymore,
and they don’t trust you anymore,

Seriously, didn’t you think this thing through?

You have some rich guy with a German accent
telling us all how we will be happy, contented slaves
using vaguely floral language
and you expect us to believe it?

Then you come out with bio-warfare
and a cancel culture.
Did you really think my friends
would dump me when FB disapproved
of my truthful, science-based opinion?

Or when Instagram decided I was Russian?

No one believes you, boys.
No one. Not even your talking heads.
They get paid to read the script –
the one they go home and talk about.
“Boy, you wouldn’t believe the bullshit I had to talk about today…”

Next thing you know, you’ll be telling the world my original poetry is AI.

It’s not!
Frankly, most of it isn’t that good,
in my opinion.
But, as we all are,
I am my own worst critic.

Nonetheless, my poetry and my rants are from my organic brain. Thanks.

I am left wondering just one thing…
you’re rich, you’re powerful, you have all you need
and access to all you could ever want.

Why is that not enough?

What do you get out of the notion
of domination over all humanity?
What do you, personally, get out of
our fearful compliance?

Doesn’t it make you sick when you lie?

The rest of us feel the darkness within…
do you not feel the pain of sin?
No? Because Jesus is bearing that pain
for you? To set you free? To sin again
and again and again?

Don’t you think he’s a little tired of bearing your illness?

Imagine him in the afterlife
trudging along with a load,
heavier every day,
while you heap on another bucket
of sludge every Sunday

in exchange for a new neon halo.

How about give the man a break?
And by MAN I mean a mature soul!
One capable of deciding to be good.

What do you do each day, then?

Go home, pour yourself a golden scotch
and think about how you’ve finally got control
over everyone in the world?
You don’t, really. That’s impossible.
I just wonder if that’s your thought…

What do you get out of all the fear mongering?

Votes? Gee, we thought you didn’t need those anymore.
Don’t you guys just choose who gets what office
and leave us to waste time going to the polls
to cast a “vote” that you pretend to count?

Don’t tell me I’m mistaken – I heard it from one of your own.

We don’t need re-setting like we’re a bunch of
microprocessors. Your Fiat system is imploding
as you knew it would – so pay back what you stole!
Yes, it’s that simple. Sell the scotch! Sell the houses!
Sell the cars! Sell the yachts! Free the slaves!

Keep what you need to survive – like the rest of us.

And a bit of wisdom…
If you want to change the world for good,
think in terms of a Hollywood screenplay.
Yes, you have to suspend disbelief –
but no one is going to believe

anything reminiscent of Hitler.

2 thoughts on “Great Re-Set?

  1. Yes, I agree… not entirely poetic. First draft and all… it needs some work to get it toward poetry. I think it has some potential, though I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work on it.

    Thanks for reading it and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it!

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