Healthy Mind – Healthy Heart

You are absolutely amazing!
Gimme, gimme some o’ that you!

You’ve never had a more loyal supporter than me!
So, don’t question the purity of my motives.

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?
One of us has to be right… and it’s me… always!

My ex was absolutely totally crazy!
Don’t forget that I’m the victim here… and you’re next!

Why can’t you just move on?
I don’t want to talk about what I’ve done wrong!

You are so _______! (selfish, controlling, immature, manipulative)
Don’t you dare have a mind of your own!

You’re just over-reacting / too sensitive. I feel sorry for you.
You need to quit being human.

You have no idea what you’re talking about…
Hey, look, I’m the keeper of truth, not you.

You must buy into my alternate reality
because I don’t care about you.

I don’t care, I don’t care.
I want. I want. I want.

And, it’s all your fault!

I win. They lose. You lose.
I matter. You don’t.
I am. You’re not.

Credit: Les Carter, PhD “8 Phrases That Scream Narcissism”

The disposal of truth…
just put it in the trash.

Give it to the garbage men
and women to disperse.

The closer one gets to
the top of the heap

the more it stinks
to high heaven!

Thank you, Dr. Carter, for making these videos. Here’s hoping the narcissists in my world will see this as a path to their own personal healing. “I hope this positions you to be a person of peace,” Dr. Les Carter.

Addendum: Every human being is a little bit narcissistic. And, leadership requires a healthy level of narcissism. Those who wrote the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights must have had an innate sense of how that healthy level of narcissism could descend into tyranny. These days, on all sides of things, it appears few are capable of accepting the truth. Instead, we are fed portions of a sautéed truth that one would never pair at a dinner party.

We of the worker class know that exhibiting our narcissism in the wrong way could cost us our jobs, so we behave. We look for ways to collaborate and express our ideas with tact and consideration. We avoid casting blame, and instead excuse with empathy. We know we need each other.

Yes, I’m talking about politics, even though I am mostly a-political, rolling from side to side in avoidance of the stinky mud, trying hard to flow with the clear water of truth. So, I see what is, not what others want me to see – provided enough information to see anything at all. What is politics, really? Just a whole bunch of people doing everything they possibly can do to keep their jobs. Sadly, this effort has drifted beyond simply doing their jobs to the best of their ability, and then accepting a termination of their contract with grace – like the rest of us do.

I read the other day that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has put his hat into the ring for 2024. Trump did well during his term in office, and I consider him a good President, despite his natural masculine proclivity toward beautiful women – which was not much different from Clinton. I do not care for the nonsense going on now, in April 2023. Such a waste of taxpayer dollars.

So, who will I vote for in 2024, between those two? That’s like asking me if I prefer crème brule with raspberries over a custard with raspberries and a crisped sugar coating. I plan on sending them both the same contribution, and I genuinely hope that, regardless of who wins, they will work together toward a prosperous and sustainable America.

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