My Bad

He did it on purpose…
driving me crazy to feed his ego.
Oh, how clear I see it now,
thirty years hence.

“Call me! I dare you!
Call me on that number
listed online. I’ll listen,
then remain proud
behind your back.”

Oh, love, it’s tempting.
We of the poetic bent
believe in love despite
our perceived insanity.

“She thinks she knows my soul.”

I know your soul,
precious son of…

“I won,” he’ll think.
“she hates me.”

Son of the universe,
I don’t hate you.
I resonated with you.

Like all of us,
I wanted it to be love.

So glad to finally see
this isn’t love.
No… just the physics
of human vibration.

Two soul bubbles intersected
on an identical wavelength,
amplifying the pattern in me
to the point that I felt it –
like electricity across my chest.

Strangest thing ever,
but it wasn’t love.

You’re right… I barely knew you,
but the vibrations were
something like that Brian Adams song –
the one in the snow that you told me about

the last time we saw us together.

Yes, you won, my love.
You win.

I’m gone. Finally! Really!

Took me forever to figure it out…


Oh brother! I was in a sad mood.

He’s not like that. I know he’s not like that. Sometimes I wish I could give myself a reason, as do all in this situation. I have to laugh at myself when I recall these moods. Like one part of my mind telling the part that guides my heart that it’s entirely wrong and irrational. Let it be. Observe it. All things are for one reason or another – none of which anyone will ever really know.


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