Strange as it Seems

The angst… painful lessons, all…
but so appreciated!

Demons and angels among you
all led me to this point of gratitude.

Strange as it seems.

And so, you are released with love
and blessings, those who came with love.

You are banished forever,
those who came with lies and deception;
yet banished with gratitude.

You were the road signs, the stop lights,
the warning signals, even when mixed.

You were the catalysts and the explosions.

You, precious ones, were the embodiment
of Christ – yes, that one… the divine masculine.

Strange as it seems.

The doors are closed, sealed, and dis-integrated.
Replaced with grace, and self-love.

As we move forward in space and time
with all of us as one,
my soul prepares for the next life,
though I hope for forty more of this…
this journey to find love…
not knowing all along that it is me!

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