Her eyes are reflected on my mind
They light the darkness in my heart
Just a flash and I see her face again
Feel the tingle, feel the charge

Never believed I’d meet her
Never look into those eyes
When she came into my life
Like an angel in the night
She fills my heart with her light
and now her memory holds me tight, again.

I’ve searched for a night of eternity
Seen her only in my dreams at night
And then she came to my reality
Drawing towards me with her eyes

I’ve seen those eyes before
Those eyes, I’ve seen them in my dreams
Now I know what their vision means
We have a life it seems
The love we share is real
Now can we keep these feelings now and here?

I can’t believe I would fall in love
I’ve thought of lessons I had learned
Without a word she makes me understand
Memories I’ve already earned

I feel a Spark between us
That make me realize
We were meant for each others eyes
And now we’ve made the ties
A communion of our lives
And we’ll not sacrifice the light we share

© 2014 D. Edward Croy

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