15 – Across the Walk

The man across the walk (we have an across the walk now since our move)… the man across  the walk makes lovely interaction with his perfect yellow hibiscus flowers. If I could hear him (the walk is very wide and grassy), I would expect him to be cooing to them. He also strokes his red ti leaves, the branches of his very young, tender pink plumeria tree, and the slender leaves of his firecracker bushes.

When his teacup some kind of silky looking adorable terrier runs out, zig zagging between his legs, darting out, and scooting back to him, his smile takes his whole face, and he sweet talks her (even with the wide grassy, short white fenced walk, I am certain he is).

He loves so well, I send him gratitudes.

This is really good townhouse animal vegetable husbandry.

I believe it.


Elizabeth Fellows

6/27/2020, 5pm

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