2022 Marathon Poets!

Aloha 2022 Poetry Marathon Poets!

Wow! I have waited all year for this (I say this every year), but this year it seems the need to crawl into our writing space together is stronger than any other year. I am blessed and humbled to be thinking, writing, stumbling, conquering,  snacking, 20 minute napping, creating, and poeming with all of you. You are my muses, and I am so excited and grateful to be with you soon.

Last year, I wrote exclusively from the provided marathon prompts. I was nervous about my decision, but quickly found they were actually more structuring and liberating than I had assumed. I am looking forward to writing from them again this year as well. With all that is happening in the world, there is a great peace in the lengthy meditative space that is our poetry marathon. Bringing the prompts into my process helps direct the flow for me, and hone my thoughts. I highly recommend the prompts!

So, here’s my countdown…

Write 1 one hour poem each day this week until the marathon using a randomly generated dictionary word.

Thursday: Buy my favorite easy to grab marathon snacks… Trail mix, mini Mnm’s, dark chocolate bars, grapes, apples, frozen blueberries, limes, LaCroix soda waters, good chewy ice, Starbuck’s Nitro Black cans… crackers. Make chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad for the crackers.

Set up 3 writing stations… one at the dining room table… one on the front lanai… one at my bedroom window, all of which I will abandon for 24 hours cross-legged on my comfy bed, or lying on the floor. It’s the process though, right?

Friday night, set out all snacky snacks, and make my bed with my favorite linens. Set my alarm for 2:15am (We start at 3am here in Hawai’i). Go to bed at 7. Not fall asleep until 10… too excited!

Saturday 2:15am. Wake. Make awesome coffee. Shower. Put on super soft leggings and tankie. Remind myself that it’s just writing,  and if I write 24 senrua or haiku, that’s a good marathon. Do my best. Support others. Have fun!

So, that’s a little bit about me. I hope to meet many of you over the coming week, and see you in there… 9 days to go!!!


Me ke aloha nui loa 🌺


2 thoughts on “2022 Marathon Poets!

  1. I’m back. Having trouble with my wordpress account, will get it figured out. I’m working with Jacob on it. . Having 12 or 24 hours to write will be healing. I need time to focus on my needs. My husband passed on unexpectedly in December and life has been different. My kids have been a huge help. I didn’t realize how much I hate grocery shopping til I had to do it.
    I look forward to these creative hours. Now I commit to 12 and try for 24. I love the challenge and the hours 13-24 always come with surprises.

    1. Joyce, I’m so sorry for your sudden life changing loss. I can’t imagine what you are going through. My heart goes out to you and your children. I hope this marathon time is healing for you. I will be here for the 24. Also, feel free to fb friend me. I am on the marathon fb page. Reach out! Do you have a plan of attack? Favorite snacks? Places to write? Prompts?

      I’m glad you are here!

      Aloha 🌺

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